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Atlanta Homebuying Network Reviews

One of the things I like most about a company is the followthrough. It’s not when things are going good but when things are not going the way you want it how is it handled. This is when the true character is shown. Dale Williams with The Atlanta Home Buying Network has built many homes in Atlanta and every time they were faced with a decision they didn’t cut corners because it would be cheaper and no one would see it, they did the right thing every time no matter the cost. The person making the decision to purchase their new home doesn’t have to worry about what’s behind the wall because it was done right the first time.

~ Damion Palmer

“He is a great investor and a wonderful person to know. He will help you with anything you need.”

~ Myra Kibler

“One year ago my wife and I had the dream of buying our first home together and had the great fortune of meeting Dale and Stephen of the Atlanta Homebuying Network. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and responsiveness were outstanding. In our search, we saw a lot of subpar new construction and shoddy “flips” and were starting to get pretty discouraged, and then we saw what would become our new home. From the moment we pulled up at the curb and saw the beautiful craftsmanship of the house, we knew it was the one. Upon opening the front door and seeing it on the inside, we were ready to sign the contract immediately. The layout, the finishes, and the high-quality construction were evident in every aspect of the house. It is our great pleasure to recommend a home from this team of professionals. Buying this gorgeous home was the best decision we’ve made!

~ Roderick & Tiffany

We had such a wonderful experience working with Dale and Stephen. They were very quick to respond, extremely friendly, and trustworthy. Our transaction with them was efficient and smooth. We highly recommend working with Dale and Stephen at the Atlanta Homebuying Network!”

~ Shannon Turner & Ashley South

Thanks to Dale for making the house sale a great experience. This was the easiest sale of 15 properties we have owned. I highly recommend the Atlanta homebuying Network for their friendly and professional service.”

~ Candy Franklin